Applications are to be submitted online ONLY

Fill in the provided application and upload all the required documents. Your application will be accepted once all the required documents have been completed and uploaded to the Arab Fund Fellowship Program (AFFP) website.

A complete application must include :

  1. The application form (to be completed and submitted).
  2. Statement of Proposed Activity (to be downloaded, completed and uploaded).
  3. Three Reference Reports (to be signed and completed by referee and uploaded by applicant).
  4. Detailed Curriculum Vitae (to be downloaded, completed and uploaded).
  5. Letter of Invitation from a distinguished international university or research Centre stating the proposed period of the Fellowship, including the name and signature of a contact person responsible for providing the letter, his/her mailing address, telephone numbers (country and city codes), and electronic mail address. A scanned copy of the original letter is to be uploaded by the applicant.
Important Application Information
  • Applications should be submitted and completed at least one year prior to the expected starting date of the Fellowship. The AFFP cycles open on January 1st and close on December 31st of every year. All applications received after December 31st or not completed by that date will systematically be considered for the next cycle (no exceptions).
  • All application documents must be in English and uploaded to the Zamalat Website according to the pre-specified format. Any documents in free format and/or additional material will not be accepted.
  • Once the application is completed and submitted, there will be no other formal communication from the Arab Fund until after the selection has been made. Our Program office may not be able to answer all your queries pertaining to your application due to the large volume of mail that is processed during the Fellowship cycle.
  • Do not upload more than one proposal or more than one invitation letter. When preparing your proposal, please pay attention to the fact that what you propose is possible to achieve within the Fellowship time frame. The Program is looking to support well-focused, clearly thought out and targeted proposals that can be accomplished in the specified Fellowship period, and have strong practical implications on the beneficiaries' home institutions and Arab countries.
  • In case a candidate is not awarded the Fellowship in a given cycle, he/she may re-apply to another cycle of the Program. The candidate is not eligible to re-apply if he/she fails to be selected twice. Previous recipients of AFFP fellowship are not eligible to re-apply.
  • The evaluation of applications is fair and transparent and is performed by a committee of internationally renowned scholars based on objective criteria, which are standard for this kind of competition. Decisions of the evaluation committee are final and confidential. No details about the refereeing outcomes and procedures will be provided to candidates upon the communication of evaluation results.
  • Results are usually announced before the end of May of every year, and successful applicants will be notified via e-mail.
  • Applicants who are successful in the first screening will be asked to deliver a “Letter of Release” from their respective universities as well as copies of their publications.

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